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Game Time: 01 Feb - 14:08
Players: 55


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Solar Empire Infinium

is a free, multi-player PBBG of space exploration, construction, trade, combat and politics.

Solar Empire Infinium

is 100% Browser Based and is coded to work in the latest versions any internet browser. However, we recommend Google Chrome for the best game play experience.

Solar Empire Infinium

is completely free to play and requires no installion.
Recent SEI Announcements
Milo Nov 02, 2014
Round 71 Has Ended

Round 71 has ended! For more information keep an eye on our forum post.
Milo Dec 28, 2013
Round 70 Has Begun!

Changes for round 70 can be found on the forum:
Milo Aug 14, 2013
Round 69 Has Begun!

Changes for round 69 can be viewed on the forum:
Milo Feb 07, 2013
Round 67 Has Begun!

Round 67 will include both Omega and Epsilon sectors. The changes for round 67 can be viewed on the forum at:
Milo Nov 30, 2012

Round 66 Has Begun!

You can view the changes in our change log: